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A variety of options, in colors and sizes, for your wedding and event rentals.

modern skinny vase.jpeg

Modern Bud Vase

white wide vase.webp

White Silo Vase

Assorted bud vases.jpg

Assorted Clear Bud Vases

Mirror Square Vase

clear vase.webp

Clear Square Vase

white vase.jpg

White Square Vase

gold mirror vase_edited.png

Gold Mirror Vase

etched rect vase.webp

Rectangular Etched Vase, 12"

flair trumpet vase.webp

Flared Trumpet Vase

tapered trumpet vase.webp

Traditional Trumpet Vase

trumpet vase.webp

Narrow Trumpet Vase

Eiffel Tower vase.webp

White Eiffel Tower Vase

black eiffel tower vase.webp

Black Eiffel Tower Vase

harlow stand.webp

Gold Harlow Stand

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