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Adults can't have all the fun! Start them off young with chiavari chair rentals and other curated decor elements for children.

Kids Gold Chiavari Chair
Kid's Pink Chiavari Chair
Kid's White Chiavari Chair
Kid's Blue Chiavari Chair

Children's Chiavari Chair


Kid's Stacking Chair

Children's Stacking Chair


Kid's White Chair

Children's White Wooden Chair


Kids Throne Chair

Children's Throne Chair


Children's Craft Table
Kid's Folding Table
Kid's Teepee

Children's Craft Table


Children's Teepee


Children's Folding Table


White Kid's Bounce House

Children's White Bounce House


Kid's Boho Picnic Table

Children's Boho Picnic Table

(table ONLY, no additional decor included)


Tikes Bounce House

Children's Tike Bounce House


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